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Mission Statement

Qualia are the subjective sensory qualities like "the redness of red" that accompany our perception. Qualia symbolize the explanatory gap that exists between the subjective qualities of our perception and the physical system that we call the brain. Elucidating the neural basis of qualia is central in understanding the principles of the "integrated parallelism" in cortical information processing. The so-called "binding problem" is a typical aspect of the above mentioned "integrated parallelism". The study of qualia is important not only in understanding the neural basis of our conscious mental experience but also in bridging the gap between the "two cultures" (C.P. Snow). The Qualia Manifesto is a mission statement that puts qualia at the center of scientific and cultural movement in years to come.

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What are Qualia?(Summary of the Book "Qualia and the Brain")

This page is maintained by Ken Mogi, Ph.D, who works

at Sony Computer Science Laboratory, Tokyo. Ken Mogi is also a visiting professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology,

and lectures "The Brain and the art" course weekly at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.


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The Origin of Consciousness blog is a collection of thoughts on the eigma of the mind.


The Central Dogma in cognitive neuroscience:

Neurons make qualia make consciousness.

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Fundamental Manuscripts

The Qualia Manifesto (1998)   pdf file

Qualia Manifesto Phase 2

Declaration of Qualia Fundamentalism (2004)

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1. Onceness and the Philosopher's Walk

Essay 1 is also available as a chapter in the book The Future of Learning.

2. The feminine meets Wagner. London, April 8th 1996

3. Roger Penrose visits Cambridge. 11-12 January 1997

4. Wearing the Skin Touch. Lecture at Yohji Yamamoto exhibition, April 2003

Papers related to Qualia

1. The easy and hard problems in cognitive science. pdf

2. Response Selectivity, Neuron Doctrine, and Mach's Principle. pdf

3. Towards a systematic turn in Cognitive Neuroscience.pdf

Paper 2 is also available as a chapter in the book Understanding Representation


Talk at the Keio University Consciousness Symposium (2003.12.10)

"The Alchemy of the Mind and Beyond". MP3 file

(after a brief introduction by Prof. Okada)



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